What is nabi protocol?

NABI PROTOCOL is the conceptualization of making a centralized Web2 social network beam seamlessly over to a decentralized Web3 social network through The Open Network (TON).

We empower users to take ownership and control of their own social graph and social activity through their Nabi profiles.

Modular development within TON presents developers a full range of play when building DApp plug-ins on user owned content, social relationships and social activities within the Nabi Habitat, all of which are accessible via your own Nabi profile.

This is what Digital Identity should mean!

Why telegram and the open network?

Telegram holds and immense global social network presence that is exposed to blockchain technology via TON.

Active collaboration with TON allows Telegram to become a user-friendly platform for everyone to interact within the Web3 network.

This is a new era in decentralized social media!

nabi’s key features

Social metamorphosis

The current Web2 landscape is undergoing a transformation. With the arrival of decentralization, we will suspend your Web2 social profile into a chrysalis and a new Web3 Nabi will emerge where your social graph and activity data can interact with various DApps within the Nabi Habitat.

Modular capability

Modularity is an integral part of the NABI PROTOCOL. Using one Nabi profile, owners can be part of a larger social landscape though the ability to post, mirror, comment, and follow others across various applications built within the Nabi Habitat completely on-chain.


You will be in total control of your own content, social graph and data without worrying about the risk of your data being hacked, stolen or compromised.

Nabi habitat

TON-based decentralized applications developed via NABI PROTOCOL by community contributions are essential for the Nabi Habitat to evolve and thrive.

the new era of social media

With NABI PROTOCOL, YOU are in control. Your Nabi is your own, how you wield this power over your content and interact with your audience is your choice.